The Power Play at Shadow Creek: LPGA Match-Play First Round Recap


The stakes were high, the greens were primed, and the atmosphere was electric. A bevy of golf’s finest talent convened at the immaculate Shadow Creek, ready to showcase their prowess in the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play tournament. As we step onto the verdant expanse to recap the pulsating action from the opening round, brace yourselves for a tale of exceptional skill, surprising upsets, and the unyielding spirit of some of the most distinguished golfers today.

Jodi Ewart Shadoff: A Rising Star on the Green

In a captivating golf performance that set a high bar for the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play, Jodi Ewart Shadoff scored a remarkable victory against defending champion Ally Ewing at Shadow Creek. Though Ewing inaugurated the match with a birdie win, subsequently halving the second round with a par, the game turned in Shadoff’s favor soon after.

Gaining Momentum: Shadoff’s Match-Play Dominance

Shadoff outclassed Ewing, claiming seven out of the next nine holes, eventually concluding the match on the 13th hole with a halve for par. The strategy and accuracy she demonstrated underscored her statement, “I really love match play.” Shadoff seemed to have an intuitive grasp of the course and her opponent, turning the game to her favor with extraordinary finesse.

Practice Makes Perfect: Shadoff’s Journey

The English golfer’s victory is not an overnight success. She has been consistently investing in her game, particularly on the putting green with her coach, and it’s paying off. Shadoff’s journey is a testament to the fact that golf, like any sport, demands dedication and hard work to shine on the big stage.

Appreciating the Battlefield: Shadow Creek’s Charm

Experiencing the lush expanse of Shadow Creek for the first time, Shadoff couldn’t help but marvel at its grandeur. “It’s amazing,” she shared, admiring the impeccable condition of the course. The perfect blend of beauty and challenge, Shadow Creek is indeed a top-notch location for high-stakes golf, such as the ongoing match-play event.

Group 15 Rumbles: Jasmine Suwannapura Outshines So Yeon Ryu

The golfing action at Group 15 wasn’t limited to the tussle between Ewing and Shadoff. Jasmine Suwannapura made a strong statement with a convincing 5 and 3 victory over So Yeon Ryu, adding to the suspense of the round-robin format. With the culmination of the round-robin matches on Friday, the victors of the 16 groups of four players will proceed to the highly anticipated single-elimination stage.

Upcoming Face-offs: Predictions and Hopes

Thursday’s fixtures are generating quite the buzz as Shadoff is set to lock horns with Ryu, while Ewing will confront Suwannapura. These clashes promise nail-biting tension and possibly, surprising outcomes.

The Reigning Champion: Minjee Lee’s Stellar Performance

World No. 4 Minjee Lee also made headlines with an effortless win over Youngin Chun with a 6 and 5 lead. Lee, fresh off a victory in the Founders Cup in New Jersey, continued her golden run at the LPGA Match-Play. “It was really fun today,” she said after her match. Despite the scorching heat, she exhibited a cool composure, bringing her day to an early close.

A Tough Day on the Course: Popov and Kang Bow Out

In the unpredictable world of match play, surprises are always around the corner. Last year’s runner-up, Sophia Popov, tasted defeat in a 2 and 1 game against Jenny Shin. Similarly, Las Vegas local Danielle Kang met with an unfortunate 7 and 6 loss against Kelly Tan.

As We Look to Tomorrow: What’s in Store?

With Shadoff preparing to face Ryu and Ewing set to take on Suwannapura, Thursday’s games are looking ripe with promise. The players’ skills will be tested in this high-stakes environment, and only the best will emerge victorious.

The Thrill of the Game: Golf, a Test of Character

Golf isn’t just about the strokes or the birdies; it’s about character and resilience. It’s about staying patient when your putt misses by an inch, and keeping your cool when the competition heats up. And, most importantly, it’s about playing your own game, irrespective of the scoreboard.

With a glorious day of golf behind us and the promise of another exciting day ahead, we eagerly await the next swing. We’ve seen some great displays of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship already, and no doubt we’ll witness more in the coming days. As we follow the trail left by these amazing women, we’re reminded again of why we love this game so much.

Shadow Creek is ready, the players are pumped, and we, the spectators, are excited for what the future holds. So here’s to the sheer love of the game, to the stunning comebacks and the heart-wrenching misses, the birdies, the eagles, and yes, even the bogeys. Here’s to golf.


As we close our first-round recap, the story of the tournament is only beginning to unfold. Shadow Creek, with its mesmerizing charm and challenges, has already borne witness to fantastic plays, thrilling victories, and unforeseen defeats. The Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play has set the golfing world abuzz, and we await eagerly as the rest of the tournament unravels. Join us as we continue to celebrate the passion, technique, and sporting spirit that make golf the compelling spectacle that it is. And remember, in golf, as in life, the most important shot is always the next one. Here’s to an enthralling day of golf ahead!


How did Jodi Ewart Shadoff fare in the first round of the Bank of Hope LPGA Match-Play tournament?

In the first round, Jodi Ewart Shadoff displayed a stellar performance by defeating defending champion Ally Ewing 6 and 5. After Ewing started off with a birdie win and halved the second with a par, Shadoff took over the game, dominating seven of the next nine holes and finishing the match on the 13th hole with a par for a halve.

What has been the key to Shadoff’s recent success in her game?

Shadoff attributes her successful game to dedicated and rigorous practice, especially on her putting, which she has been working on with her coach. This focus on continuous improvement and fine-tuning her skills has certainly been paying off in her recent matches.

What were some other notable matches in Group 15?

Aside from Shadoff’s victory over Ewing, another notable match in Group 15 was Jasmine Suwannapura’s 5 and 3 win over So Yeon Ryu. The outcomes of these matches will determine who advances to the single-elimination stage at the end of round-robin play on Friday.

How did the top player in the field, Minjee Lee, perform in the first round?

World No. 4 Minjee Lee had a strong showing in the first round, securing a win over Youngin Chun 6 and 5. Coming off a recent victory in the Founders Cup, Lee successfully maintained her momentum and completed her match early despite the increasing heat.

Were there any surprising upsets during the first round of the tournament?

Yes, there were a couple of notable upsets. Sophia Popov, who was the runner-up in last year’s event, fell 2 and 1 to Jenny Shin. In another unexpected turn of events, Las Vegas local Danielle Kang lost 7 and 6 to Kelly Tan.

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