Avoid These Golf Mistakes: Game-Changing Tips to Improve Your Play



Join our expert as he discusses what’s good and bad for your golf game, helping you navigate the many potential pitfalls golfers frequently face. By identifying and rectifying these common mistakes, you can significantly improve your overall game.

Too Many Swing Thoughts Can Hurt Your Game

In this video, our golf professional warns against having too many swing thoughts, a common pitfall for many golfers. While learning various swings is beneficial, having multiple swing thoughts during play can be counterproductive.

He advises players to stick to one swing thought from your coaching or learning resource, a simple yet powerful tool to focus their mind and improve their swing.

Don’t Dwell on Your Bad Shots

A common error among golfers is carrying bad shots mentally from one hole to the next. Our expert cautions against this. Rather than dwell on past mistakes, he suggests using them as learning opportunities and focusing on the next shot. He emphasizes forgetting what just happened and concentrating on the task at hand, which is vital for hitting a great golf shot.

Avoid Planning Your Score

The video also discourages players from planning their scores in advance. Anticipating birdies and pars for future holes can lead to unwanted expectations and pressure. Instead, the key is to stay in the moment and focus on each shot at hand.


Our expert firmly believes that by paying attention to these often overlooked aspects of the game – limiting swing thoughts, not dwelling on bad shots, and avoiding score predictions – you can significantly improve your golf skills and experience. Remember to subscribe for more valuable lessons to refine your game further. Stay present, and enjoy your journey to better golf.

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