Mastering Green Reading in Golf: Key Tips from a Pro



In this enlightening video from Titleist Tips on YouTube, a seasoned golf professional offers his expertise on how to improve your ability to read putting greens. This topic, often seen as complex, is simplified in a way that encourages both accuracy and creativity in your game.

Understanding Your Putt’s Curve

The initial emphasis is placed on visualizing the curve of your putt. A good understanding and clear mental picture of this curve can make a significant difference to your performance. The professional highlights the importance of controlling your speed and starting the ball online. This way, you can sink a lot more putts.

The Common Mistakes Amateurs Make

The most frequent mistake among amateur golfers is also pointed out. When picturing the curve for a 10-foot putt, golfers tend to stand directly behind the ball in line with the pin. However, this position is incorrect for visualizing the trajectory and determining the right break.

The Perfect Putter and the Right Place to Stand

The golf pro demonstrates using a “perfect putter” to showcase the actual break on a putt. The importance of positioning yourself correctly when trying to read a putt is stressed. Rather than standing behind the ball, the ideal position is slightly down the hill where the start line might be. This shift in perspective can aid significantly in gauging the curve of the putt.

Walking in on the Start Line

When stepping up to putt, golfers are recommended to walk in on the start line, picturing the curve as they do. This minor adjustment can lead to substantial improvements in their performance.

The Role of Imagination

The video underscores that good green reading in golf is as much about imagination as it is about precision. However, the ability to visualize correctly is undermined if the golfer stands in the wrong place. The pro advises starting behind the ball, shifting to a lower position, visualizing the curve, and then walking in on the start line to improve your success rate with putts.

In summary, these simple yet effective tips from a seasoned golf professional can help golfers of all levels read putting greens more accurately and enhance their performance in the game. By harnessing the power of imagination and correct positioning, golfers are sure to sink more putts and improve their overall game.

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