Mickelson’s Roller Coaster Ride and Surprising Contenders: Wells Fargo Championship Day 2 Recap


The Wells Fargo Championship at Quail Hollow has provided us with thrilling moments, unexpected twists, and standout performances from some of the biggest names in golf. From Phil Mickelson’s tale of two contrasting days to Gary Woodland’s resurgence and redemption, the tournament has kept us on the edge of our seats.

Bryson DeChambeau faced misfortune while Jon Rahm encountered a rare missed cut. As we delve into the highlights of the tournament, we witness the unpredictable nature of golf and the resilience of these remarkable athletes. Join us as we recap the roller coaster ride that has been at the Wells Fargo Championship.

Mickelson’s Tale of Two Days

Oh, what a difference a day makes! Phil Mickelson took the Quail Hollow course by storm on Thursday, hitting those bombs and sinking birdies like a champ. It was like watching the glory days of his prime. But on Friday, things took a turn. Phil looked like his old self, struggling to hold on to his game as time slips away on the PGA Tour.

Phil himself couldn’t quite put his finger on the change from Thursday to Friday. He started off strong, hitting some impressive shots on the front nine, but the putts just wouldn’t drop. He turned in an even score, but the back nine was a different story. He admitted that he simply wasn’t sharp.

Following up a great round is one of the toughest challenges in golf, and Quail Hollow can be a real bully if you’re not on top of your game. Mickelson’s Friday performance showed just how true that can be. He only hit seven greens and made a couple of mental blunders toward the end. It was a frustrating bogey on the par-5 15th and a costly visit to the water on the par-3 17th.

Phil has been vocal about his struggles with focus in recent weeks, and those struggles reared their head once again. Standing over the ball on the 17th, he found himself changing his mind and tinkering with his shot instead of stepping back and regaining his focus. It’s an area he knows he needs to work on.

But here’s the thing: despite the drastic difference between his performances, Mickelson is still in contention at the Wells Fargo Championship. He’s just three shots behind the leaders. This is a tournament where Phil has a stellar track record, with a runner-up finish, two third-place finishes, and a total of 10 top-10 finishes.

Sure, Phil’s stats this season haven’t been all that impressive. He ranks 121st in birdie average, 196th in bogey avoidance, and a lowly 175th in strokes gained. But hey, golf is a funny game, and sometimes it’s not just about the numbers. Mickelson’s experience and resilience give him a fighting chance.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Phil is excited to be in contention. He knows he’s playing well overall, despite the setbacks. Staying present and focused on each shot will be crucial for him. He’s aware of the mistakes he made on Friday, like those two shots he threw away on 15 and 17. He’s determined to address those issues and improve.

No matter which version of Phil shows up over the next two days, it’s bound to be an entertaining show. Phil Mickelson, the charismatic veteran, always brings some excitement to the golf course. So, let’s buckle up and see what the weekend holds for Lefty and the rest of the field at the Wells Fargo Championship.

Woodland’s Resurgence and Redemption

Let’s talk about the unexpected names leading the pack: Matt Wallace, Patrick Rodgers, and Gary Woodland. These guys are making waves at the Wells Fargo Championship.

But it’s Woodland’s story that really grabs your attention. He’s been struggling lately, lacking confidence and not feeling excited to hit the golf course. Last week was a low point for him, missing the cut and feeling frustrated with his game.

But you know what they say, hitting rock bottom can sometimes be a turning point. That’s exactly what happened for Woodland. After that disappointing performance, he made some changes. He reached out to his coach, Butch Harmon, and even worked with Pete Cowen in person. They analyzed his swing and compared it to his successful days.

Something clicked for Woodland. His confidence skyrocketed. He realized that even in good rounds, he hadn’t been genuinely excited to play. But this week, it’s different. He’s loving the golf course, feeling great physically, and the excitement is back.

And guess what? It’s showing in his performance. Woodland is gaining almost six shots on the field in tee-to-green, and his putting has improved too. He’s made 10 birdies so far, and his solid rounds of 69 and 67 have put him in a fantastic position to contend for the victory.

Now, let’s not forget that Woodland isn’t entirely new to success. He’s a major champion, having won the U.S. Open back in 2019. But his recent struggles made it easy to overlook his potential.

If he keeps this up, we could witness a remarkable comeback story. A win at the Wells Fargo Championship would be huge for Woodland, and it could ignite his career once again.

So, let’s keep our eyes on Gary Woodland and see if he can complete his resurgence and achieve redemption on the greens of Quail Hollow.

DeChambeau’s Misfortune

Oh, Bryson DeChambeau, what a roller coaster ride he had at the Wells Fargo Championship. Things were looking promising for him before the seventh hole. He was hanging in there with an even-par score and had two of the easiest holes coming up.

But then, disaster struck. It was a triple-bogey that shook his tournament hopes to the core. He hit a massive 339-yard drive, clearing the bunkers on the left, only to send his approach shot straight into the pond guarding the green. Ouch!

The troubles didn’t end there for Bryson. His drop from 82 yards also found the water, leaving him frustrated and rattled. He made several more attempts, but the damage was done. It resulted in a painful triple-bogey 8, almost three and a half strokes higher than the average score on that hole.

Throughout the event, DeChambeau struggled with his approach shots. His performance in that aspect of the game left much to be desired. It’s a crucial area where precision is key, and unfortunately, it wasn’t his strong suit this time around.

But don’t count him out just yet. DeChambeau is already looking ahead. He has plans to participate in the AT&T Byron Nelson as a final tune-up before the PGA Championship. It’s a chance for him to refine his game, make adjustments, and get back on track.

We know Bryson is a resilient player, and he’s proven time and again that he has the ability to bounce back. So, let’s keep an eye on him as he continues his journey towards the PGA Championship. Who knows, he might just surprise us all with his determination and skill.

Rahm’s Rare Missed Cut

You know Jon Rahm, right? He’s been having quite a season with consistent top-10 finishes. The guy has been on fire!

But even the best players have their off days, and Rahm experienced a tough start at the Wells Fargo Championship. His opening round didn’t go as planned, and he found himself struggling to find his rhythm.

It was a battle for Rahm to make the cut. He fought hard, showing his determination and skill. He managed to rack up four birdies and an eagle in the second round, but unfortunately, a few bogeys and a par at the par-5 15th spoiled his chances.

And here’s the kicker: this is the first time in 329 days that Rahm has missed a cut. It’s a rare occurrence for him. He’s been incredibly consistent, making cuts left and right, showcasing his talent week after week.

Let’s not forget to appreciate Rahm’s impressive statistics this season. He’s ranked fourth in strokes gained/tee-to-green, eighth in scoring, and sits comfortably at 12th in the FedEx Cup standings. Those numbers speak volumes about his overall success.

Sure, missing the cut is disappointing for Rahm, but it doesn’t diminish the fantastic season he’s been having. We can expect him to bounce back and continue to perform at a high level. Rahm is a force to be reckoned with, and one missed cut won’t define his remarkable journey.

So, let’s give credit where credit is due and applaud Jon Rahm for his incredible achievements thus far. We’re confident he’ll come back stronger and make waves in the tournaments to come.


The Wells Fargo Championship has showcased the beauty and challenges of professional golf. Phil Mickelson’s ups and downs, Gary Woodland’s triumphant return, Bryson DeChambeau’s setbacks, and Jon Rahm’s rare missed cut have reminded us of the unpredictable nature of the game. But beyond the scores and statistics, these players have demonstrated resilience, determination, and the ability to bounce back from adversity.

As we bid farewell to the Wells Fargo Championship, we eagerly await the future chapters of their golfing journeys. The world of golf continues to captivate us with its stories, and we can’t wait to witness what unfolds in the upcoming tournaments. Until then, let’s celebrate the excitement and passion that this championship has brought to the world of golf.


What happened to Phil Mickelson at the Wells Fargo Championship?

Phil Mickelson’s performance at the Wells Fargo Championship was a tale of two days. He started off strong on Thursday, hitting impressive shots and sinking birdies. However, on Friday, Mickelson struggled and wasn’t able to replicate his earlier success. He faced difficulties with his focus and made some mental errors on the back nine, leading to a decline in his performance.

How did Gary Woodland perform at the Wells Fargo Championship?

Gary Woodland had a remarkable resurgence at the Wells Fargo Championship. Prior to the tournament, he had been struggling with confidence and lackluster performances. However, he used his recent disappointment of missing the cut as motivation to make changes in his game. Woodland’s improved mindset and work with his coaches resulted in a rejuvenated performance. He displayed increased confidence, gained strokes in various aspects of his game, and positioned himself as a contender for the title.

What caused Bryson DeChambeau’s misfortune at the Wells Fargo Championship?

Bryson DeChambeau faced misfortune at the Wells Fargo Championship due to a disastrous triple-bogey on the seventh hole. Despite a promising position, his approach shot found the water guarding the green, leading to a challenging situation. He encountered further struggles with his subsequent shots, resulting in a significant setback. Additionally, DeChambeau had difficulties with his approach shots throughout the event, contributing to his overall performance.

Why did Jon Rahm miss the cut at the Wells Fargo Championship?

Jon Rahm, known for his consistent top-10 finishes, faced a rare missed cut at the Wells Fargo Championship. Despite a strong season leading up to the tournament, Rahm encountered struggles in his opening round, which put him at a disadvantage. He battled to make the cut in the second round, but a few bogeys and a par on a par-5 hole hindered his chances. Rahm’s missed cut came after an impressive streak of consecutive cuts made, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the game.

What are some notable highlights from the Wells Fargo Championship?

A5: The Wells Fargo Championship delivered several noteworthy moments. Phil Mickelson’s contrasting performances, Gary Woodland’s resurgence, Bryson DeChambeau’s misfortune, and Jon Rahm’s rare missed cut were among the standout stories. The tournament showcased the challenges and resilience of professional golfers, reminding us of the unpredictable nature of the game. The excitement, surprises, and remarkable performances by these players made the Wells Fargo Championship a thrilling event to witness.

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