Challenging Conditions and Surprising Performances at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship


After a significant hiatus, the LPGA made a triumphant return to the iconic Baltusrol Golf Club. The anticipation was palpable as players and fans alike eagerly awaited the tournament’s arrival. However, nature had its own plans, as adverse weather conditions added an extra layer of excitement and challenge to the event.

Rain, cold temperatures, and a persistently wet course tested the mettle of the golfers at Baltusrol. Mother Nature seemed determined to make her presence felt throughout the tournament. The players had to contend not only with their competitors but also with the elements, as each swing and putt required an extra dose of precision and perseverance.

Baltusrol’s renowned course presented an additional obstacle for the players to overcome. Stretching across 6,500 yards, it demanded accuracy, power, and strategic decision-making from tee to green. The length and layout of the course had a profound impact on scores, making every stroke a true test of skill.

As the tournament unfolded, the combination of adverse weather conditions and the challenging course set the stage for a thrilling battle among the world’s top golfers. The return of the LPGA to Baltusrol proved that true champions rise above the challenges, showcasing their prowess even in the face of adversity.

Lee-Ann Pace Makes a Memorable Comeback

Lee-Ann Pace Strikes Back with a Spectacular Five-Under-Par 66!

Lee-Ann Pace, the seasoned golfer, made a triumphant return to the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Her performance was nothing short of extraordinary as she delivered an impressive five-under-par 66.

A Surprising Comeback after a Gap of Four Years!

This tournament marked Pace’s first appearance in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship since 2019, where she unfortunately missed the cut. So, you can imagine her surprise when she found herself leading the pack with a fantastic score of 66.

Pace’s Unanticipated Reaction to Her Own Performance!

When asked if she believed a 66 was possible, Pace responded with genuine astonishment, “No. Did you?” Even she couldn’t fathom the incredible round she had just played.

Lee-Ann Pace has certainly reminded the golfing world of her exceptional skills and made a memorable comeback in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. Her five-under-par 66 stands as a testament to her talent and determination. Keep an eye out for Pace as the tournament unfolds!

Celine Borge’s Unconventional Approach with Local Caddies

Celine Borge, a promising LPGA rookie, found herself facing an interesting predicament on the tour – using a caddie. Unlike many other players, Borge had been accustomed to carrying her own bag during her time on the Epson Tour.

From Carrying to Collaborating: Borge’s Background

On the developmental circuit, caddies weren’t required, so Borge became well-versed in managing her own equipment. However, upon joining the LPGA, she encountered a new rule mandating the use of caddies. This presented a fresh challenge for the young player.

The Local Caddie Shuffle: Borge’s Clever Solution

Borge devised a clever strategy to navigate the caddie requirement: hiring a different local caddie for each LPGA start. With this approach, she tapped into the expertise of local caddies who knew the courses well, providing her with valuable insights and guidance.

A Winning Formula: The Positive Impact on Borge’s Performance

Borge’s unconventional method has proven effective, as evidenced by her three top-20 finishes on the LPGA tour. By utilizing different local caddies each week, she has been able to adapt and benefit from their course knowledge, leading to improved results.

Playing Her Own Game: Borge’s Focus and Determination

Throughout her LPGA journey, Borge has remained focused on playing her own game. She stays committed to hitting fairways and greens, giving her best on every shot. Despite the challenge of adjusting to different caddies, Borge’s determination has helped her maintain a strong performance.

Celine Borge’s unique approach to the caddie requirement showcases her adaptability and resourcefulness. By embracing the use of local caddies, she has unlocked a winning formula that continues to propel her forward in the competitive world of professional golf.

Ruoning Yin and Xiyu Lin, two talented Chinese players, not only share a love for golf but also a deep friendship. Currently tied for second place, their bond extends beyond the fairways and greens.

Housemates and Good Friends: Lin’s Old House and Rent Hikes

In a lighthearted exchange, Yin revealed that she rents Lin’s old house in Orlando. After Yin’s recent victory at the DIO LA Implant Open, Lin jokingly remarked, “I need to raise the rent. It was way too low for you now.” Their playful banter highlights the comfortable dynamic between the two friends.

Impressive Performances: Rising Together

Both Yin and Lin have showcased their remarkable skills on the course. Their bogey-free 68s in the tournament solidify their positions near the top of the leaderboard. Beyond this event, they have individually achieved notable successes, including Lin’s near-victory at the JM Eagle LA Championship and Yin’s strong performance at the DIO LA Implant Open.

A Supportive Relationship: Complementing Strengths

Yin and Lin’s friendship extends beyond competitive golf. They appreciate each other’s maturity, clear goals, and fearlessness in pursuing their dreams. As they spend time together off the course, they engage in conversations about anything other than golf, strengthening their bond and providing support to one another.

Running Yin and Xiyu Lin’s friendship not only enhances their enjoyment of the game but also serves as a source of inspiration and motivation. As they continue their journey in the tournament, their supportive relationship and impressive performances will undoubtedly make them a duo to watch out for.

After securing a historic win at the Mizuho Americas Open, Rose Zhang faced a unique challenge – balancing her professional golf career with her academic pursuits at Stanford University. Despite returning to Stanford for exams, Zhang showcased her talent in her professional major debut at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship.

Solid Start: Zhang’s Impressive One-Under-Par 70

Zhang’s opening round at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship was nothing short of commendable. With a composed demeanor and precise shots, she carded a solid one-under-par 70, setting a strong foundation for her tournament performance.

Resilience in the Face of Challenges

The start of Zhang’s round presented its fair share of difficulties, going two over par through her first four holes. However, displaying remarkable resilience, she bounced back with clutch par saves on the fifth and sixth holes. From there, Zhang remained bogey-free for the remainder of her round, showcasing her ability to handle adversity with poise.

Comfort on the Course and with Media Attention

Zhang’s comfort level on the course matches her ease with the media attention that comes with her recent successes. Despite the ups and downs she faced during her round, she maintained a positive outlook and acknowledged the rollercoaster nature of major championships.

Rose Zhang’s steady start in her professional major debut demonstrates her ability to excel in high-pressure situations. With a one-under-par 70, she has set herself up for a promising performance in the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship. As she continues to navigate the challenges of professional golf and her academic commitments, Zhang’s resilience and comfort on the course will undoubtedly contribute to her success.

Heartwarming Moments and Ups and Downs

Amidst the intense competition at Baltusrol, a heartwarming moment unfolded as Minjee Lee, the Australian golfer, soothed a crying baby handed to her by Amanda Blumenhurst, a former LPGA player turned Golf Channel commentator. The bow-tied baby watched intently as Lee engaged in a heartfelt chat, creating a precious memory that will be cherished for years to come.

Lexi Thompson’s Rollercoaster Ride

Lexi Thompson’s day at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship was a true rollercoaster. Starting with three consecutive bogeys, it seemed like the day was heading downhill. However, Thompson displayed her resilience by fighting back and reaching even par through seven holes. Unfortunately, the rollercoaster took a downward turn once again, resulting in a five-over-par 41 on the back nine.

Struggles with Consistency: Thompson’s Season Woes

This season has been a challenging one for Lexi Thompson, as she has struggled to find consistency in her game. With only one cut made in four starts, her best result being a T-31 at the Cognizant Founder’s Cup, it’s clear that she has been facing an uphill battle. In contrast to her impressive career statistics, Thompson’s 2023 season has seen a stark contrast with a lower rate of top-25 finishes.

Potential Missed Cut: A Disappointing Outcome

Thompson’s performance at the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship leaves her teetering on the edge of a potential missed cut. If she fails to make the cut, it would be as many missed weekends in this season as she experienced in both 2021 and 2022 combined. Last year, after shooting 74 in the opening round of the same championship, Thompson found herself at T-50.

Ups and Downs Are Part of the Journey

In the unpredictable world of golf, ups and downs are inevitable for even the most talented players. While Thompson’s day at the tournament may have been challenging, it’s important to remember that the journey of a golfer is filled with twists and turns. As she navigates her way through the tournament and the rest of the season, Thompson’s determination and past successes serve as reminders that she has the ability to bounce back.

Heartwarming moments and unexpected challenges remind us that golf is not just about scores but also about the connections made and the resilience displayed by the players. As the tournament progresses, we eagerly anticipate more heartwarming moments and dramatic turnarounds that make golf such a captivating sport.


The KPMG Women’s PGA Championship at Baltusrol proved to be a test of skill and resilience as players battled through challenging conditions. Rain, cold temperatures, and a wet course created a formidable backdrop for the tournament. However, amidst adversity, the competitors demonstrated their unwavering determination and showcased their talents on the grand stage.

Throughout the tournament, there were standout performances that left spectators in awe. Lee-Ann Pace’s remarkable comeback with a five-under-par 66 reminded everyone of her prowess on the course. Celine Borge’s unconventional approach, utilizing local caddies, proved effective as she achieved impressive results. Additionally, Ruoning Yin and Xiyu Lin’s strong showing highlighted not only their friendship but also their consistent excellence.

Beyond the scores and rankings, the tournament provided heartwarming moments that resonate with fans. Minjee Lee’s endearing interaction with a young fan exemplified the compassion and connection that golf can foster. These moments remind us that golf is more than just a game; it has the power to create lasting memories and forge bonds between players and fans.

As the tournament progresses, anticipation builds for the upcoming rounds. With the determination and resilience displayed by the players, it is certain that more surprises and remarkable performances are yet to come. Despite the challenges faced, the golfers remain focused on overcoming obstacles and achieving their goals.

The KPMG Women’s PGA Championship has showcased the true spirit of the sport, where players navigate challenging conditions, forge friendships, and inspire fans. As the tournament unfolds, the golfing world eagerly awaits the thrilling moments and memorable stories that will undoubtedly emerge. With their unwavering dedication, the players continue to prove that they have what it takes to conquer the course and etch their names in golfing history.

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