Cameron Smith’s Triumph: A Behind-the-Scenes Journey through the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews


It’s not every day that you get to witness history being made, especially on the verdant fairways of the iconic St. Andrews. This year’s 150th Open Championship gifted us with moments that will be etched in our minds forever. We watched as Australian golf sensation Cameron Smith clinched his first major victory in an unforgettable final round. But the game was just the start. This piece will take you on a journey through Smith’s spectacular triumph, from the early morning ashes ceremony honouring an Australian golf legend, to the roaring post-tournament celebrations, and finally Smith’s triumphant journey home. So, sit back and relive the magic that was the 150th Open Championship.

The Final Round

So, let’s get into it. The final round. It’s Sunday, and Cameron Smith is at the top of his game. He’s absolutely on fire. Every swing, every putt, every move he makes on the course, it’s like he was born to do this. He begins the round four shots behind the co-leader and crowd favorite, Rory McIlroy. But you know what? That doesn’t deter him. Not one bit.

Then, there’s the mysterious sprinkle of late Peter Thomson’s ashes on the Old Course earlier in the day. An uncanny bit of timing, right? It’s only 12 hours after this poignant moment that Cameron lifts the claret jug in victory. Divine intervention or a beautiful coincidence? We’ll never really know, will we? All we can say is, it sure didn’t hurt to have a bit of Thomson’s spirit on the course that day.

Now, let’s talk about Smith’s game. His strategy was straight out of the top drawer. He approached the final round with a composed, yet aggressive mindset. He didn’t let the initial setback get to him. Instead, he went all out, starting the back nine with five straight birdies. An absolute masterstroke. He rounded it off with a final birdie on the 72nd hole. It was a thrilling display of skill and tenacity, of raw talent and the will to win.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t just about being good. It was about being the best. Smith’s performance in the final round of the 150th Open was nothing short of legendary. He didn’t just win the game, he claimed it. And how fitting was it that his first major was on the grandest stage in golf? Now, that’s a story worth telling.

The Post-Tournament Celebrations

Oh, you should’ve seen the party! After Smith clinched the win, the celebration kicked off at the prestigious Old Course Hotel. Behind a line of polite, yet firm security guards, the party was in full swing. This wasn’t just any bash – it was the grand celebration of the 150th Open!

The atmosphere? Absolutely electric! Everyone was in high spirits. The beers were flowing, and the sound of Cold Chisel and INXS, iconic Aussie bands, filled the air. Smith had wanted it this way, and boy, did he get it. The crowd was a mix of caddies, fellow pros, and a handful of lucky ones approved by the R&A. Adam Scott was there too, making the Aussie presence even stronger.

Now let’s talk about the star of the party – Smith’s caddie, Sam Pinfold. Overwhelmed with emotion, Sam couldn’t help but reminisce about his journey with Smith. From their first meeting eight years ago, he always knew Smith was “different gravy.” If you ask me, that’s UK and Aussie lingo for “extraordinary.” Sam had watched Smith grow from a talented golfer into a champion, a journey that was as emotional for him as it was for Smith.

Imagine this – a lad from Australia, standing tall and proud, having just won his first major championship. His caddie, filled with joy and pride, alongside him. That’s a memory that’ll stay with them forever. This celebration was about more than just winning a tournament; it was about a journey that led to this amazing victory. So here’s to Cameron Smith, Sam Pinfold, and a party that’ll be talked about for ages!

The Future for Cameron Smith

So, where does Cameron Smith go from here? Well, according to his coach, Grant Field, the sky’s the limit. Grant reckons there could be more majors in the future for Smith if he keeps putting in the hard work. And knowing Smith, he’s not one to rest on his laurels.

Smith himself had quite a bit to say about his win. He was absolutely over the moon about winning the gold medal, which often gets overshadowed by the claret jug. But for Smith, wearing that medal around his chest was an honor that made his heart beam. Not to mention his record-breaking back-nine score and beating Tiger Woods’ St. Andrews scoring record – now that’s something to write home about!

Smith also opened up about a key moment in the game. He pinpointed his birdie on the 13th hole as the moment when he knew he was going to win. Considering how tough that hole was, his accomplishment was pretty monumental. In his words, “It’s a tough hole, the one I made double at on Saturday. I drew level with Rory and felt that was huge.”

So there you have it. A glimpse into Cameron Smith’s mind after his big win and a peek into his bright future. With his determination and talent, the future indeed looks promising. Watch out world, Cameron Smith is just getting started!

The High-Profile Attendees and Smith’s Personal Circle

As the night wore on, the party saw some high-profile faces, including some from the world of rugby. George Gregan, the Australian captain during their golden years, and South African rugby legend, Bryan Habana, dropped by for a drink. Talk about star-studded, right?

Now, even amidst all the celebrations, there were a few special people missing from the party. Smith’s girlfriend, Shanel Naoum, couldn’t make it because of her exams. His best mate, Jack Wilkosz, was on his way to Australia for a vacation. And his dad, Des, opted to stay back in Brisbane. You could feel their absence in the air, but their hearts were right there with Smith.

Speaking of Des, he spent the entire night glued to the TV, cheering on his son from thousands of miles away. He even agreed to do breakfast show interviews the next morning, looking “rough as guts” but as proud as punch. When Smith called him after the win, he couldn’t help but break down in tears. It was a raw, emotional moment that added another layer to this special day.

Over in Florida, Smith’s friends were celebrating, too. They might not have been at the party, but they were certainly part of the victory. Former PGA Tour pro, Aron Price, even planned a second after-party back home. When you’ve got friends like that, who needs a guest list, right?

So, from high-profile attendees to Smith’s personal circle, the victory at the 150th Open was felt far and wide. It wasn’t just a win for Smith, but a win for everyone who had been a part of his journey. Now, that’s what you call a celebration!

Cameron Smith’s Return Home

After a night of revelry, the sun started peeking over the horizon. It was time for our champ, Cameron Smith, to pack up his precious claret jug and head home. The jug got a special spot in the overhead, safely tucked inside a road case. With an early morning flight, the party had to end for Smith, but let’s just say he was heading back with a lot more than he came with.

While the celebrations were in full swing at St. Andrews, some people dear to Smith couldn’t be there. His girlfriend Shanel was back in Jacksonville acing her exams. And his childhood best friend Jack was already up in the air, heading home to Australia for a well-deserved vacation. The physical distance didn’t matter though. You could bet they were celebrating just as hard!

Now, just because Smith was leaving St. Andrews didn’t mean the party was over. Oh no, there was another one waiting for him back in Florida. Aron Price, the unofficial ‘Godfather’ of Australian golfers based in Jacksonville, was already on the job. A second party, a homecoming celebration, was in the works. The festivities of winning the Open Championship weren’t ending anytime soon.

And why should they? Winning the Open Championship is an incredible feat, especially being one of only a handful of Aussies to have done so. The journey back home was just a breather before round two of the celebrations kicked off. So, as Smith flew back to Florida, you could imagine him, a slight smile on his face, ready to relive the victory all over again with his crew back home. Cheers to round two!


There’s no denying that the 150th Open Championship was an event that will echo through the annals of golf history. The tales of triumph, camaraderie, and sheer human spirit are a testament to the love and dedication these athletes and their supporters have for the sport. As Cameron Smith flew back to Florida, the claret jug safely stowed away, he was not just carrying a trophy, but the dreams and aspirations of every young golfer in Australia. It was a victory shared by many, from high-profile attendees at the after-party to friends and family watching from afar. And as Smith prepares for future championships, this victory at the Home of Golf is one that will continue to inspire and remind us why we love this sport. Here’s to Cameron Smith, and here’s to the beautiful game of golf!


Who won the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews? Australian golfer Cameron Smith won the 150th Open Championship at St. Andrews, marking his first major victory.

How did Cameron Smith celebrate his victory at the Open? Following his victory, Cameron Smith hosted an after-party at the Old Course Hotel with Australian bands playing and beers flowing. Notable attendees included former rugby superstars, fellow Australian pros, and an array of enthusiastic caddies.

What records did Cameron Smith break in the 150th Open Championship? Cameron Smith broke Tiger Woods’ St. Andrews scoring record by finishing 20 under par, one ahead of Woods’ previous record of 19 under in 2000. Smith also fired the lowest back-nine score (30) by a winner in Open history.

How did Cameron Smith honor the late golf icon, Peter Thomson, at the Open? Before the start of the final round, Andrew Thomson, son of the late Peter Thomson, spread some of his father’s ashes across the Old Course at St. Andrews. This act honored the memory of the Australian golf icon.

Who were some notable people in Cameron Smith’s personal circle that couldn’t attend the Open? Smith’s girlfriend, Shanel Naoum, couldn’t attend due to her exams. His best friend, Jack Wilkosz, was on his way to Australia for a vacation, and his father, Des, opted to stay back in Brisbane, Australia. However, they all celebrated Smith’s victory from afar.

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