Tim O’Neal’s Clutch Finish at PGA Tour Champions Q School: A Fresh Start for a Seasoned Golfer


For 22 years, Tim O’Neal carried the weight of missed opportunities at the PGA Tour’s Qualifying School, commonly known as Q School. Twice he stood on the final hole with a chance to secure full playing privileges, only to fall short both times. However, all those past disappointments and regrets faded away when he delivered a remarkable performance at TPC Scottsdale in Arizona. O’Neal’s clutch finish, birdieing four of his last six holes, propelled him to tie for third in the PGA Tour Champions Q School, securing his full card for the 2023 season. This achievement marked a fresh start for the 50-year-old golfer, who had spent the past two decades on mini-tours and contemplated leaving the competitive game multiple times.

A Triumph Over Past Demons: Tim O’Neal’s Journey to Q School

Tim O’Neal’s path to the PGA Tour Champions Q School was not an easy one. He had experienced heartbreak on two occasions, coming agonizingly close to securing his playing privileges but falling short. Despite the setbacks, O’Neal persevered, showcasing his determination and love for the game.

The Intensity of Q School: A Gateway to the PGA Tour Champions

Q School is a make-or-break tournament that offers aspiring professional golfers a chance to earn their spot on the prestigious PGA Tour Champions. The competition is fierce, as players battle not only their opponents but also their own nerves and aspirations.

O’Neal’s Clutch Performance: Rising to the Occasion

In a remarkable display of skill and mental fortitude, Tim O’Neal unleashed a series of clutch shots during the final round of the PGA Tour Champions Q School. With birdies on four of the last six holes, he secured his place among the top finishers, earning his full card for the 2023 season.

The Road to Securing the Full Card

O’Neal’s climb up the leaderboard in the final round was a testament to his unwavering focus and unwavering belief in his abilities. By finishing with a 13-under total, he moved up ten spots and secured one of the coveted full-time opportunities awarded in the final stage of the tournament.

Celebrating the Accomplishment: What It Means for O’Neal

Earning a full card for the PGA Tour Champions is a significant milestone in Tim O’Neal’s career. It grants him the opportunity to compete at the highest level and showcase his skills against some of the legends of the game. This accomplishment brings a renewed sense of purpose and excitement for the seasoned golfer.

The Champions Tour: A New Chapter

The PGA Tour Champions is a premier professional golf tour for players aged 50 and older. It offers a fresh start for golfers like Tim O’Neal, providing them with a platform to compete against their peers and continue pursuing their passion for the game.

Overcoming Past Disappointments

The memories of O’Neal’s previous near misses at Q School lingered for years. Reflecting on those moments, he acknowledged the lessons learned and the importance of finding the right balance between determination and not putting too much pressure on oneself.

Success on the Associates Professional Golf Association Tour

O’Neal’s journey to the Champions Tour was shaped by his success on the Associates Professional Golf Association (APGA) tour. The APGA tour provides minority golfers with increased opportunities to showcase their talents and pursue professional careers in golf.

Financial Struggles and Teaching Golf

Facing financial struggles, Tim O’Neal turned to teaching golf to make ends meet. The prospect of competing seemed distant, but he never lost hope and continued to work hard to maintain his skills.

A Turning Point in Morocco

A trip to Morocco in 2011 proved to be a turning point in O’Neal’s career. His success in winning three tournaments there reignited his belief in his abilities and motivated him to earn his PGA Tour Latinoamerica card.

Reaching the PGA Tour Latinoamerica

Building on his momentum from Morocco, O’Neal earned his PGA Tour Latinoamerica card in 2013. Winning twice on that tour showcased his talent and determination to return to the higher levels of professional golf.

The Challenge of Staying on the Korn Ferry Tour

Despite regaining his place on the Korn Ferry Tour, O’Neal faced challenges in maintaining his card. Financial constraints and the highly competitive nature of the tour tested his resilience.

A Promising Start on the Senior Tour

Now, with his secured card for the PGA Tour Champions, Tim O’Neal embarks on a new chapter in his golfing career. This opportunity allows him to compete against golf’s elite and fulfill his dreams on a bigger stage.

Embracing the Fresh Start

For Tim O’Neal, the full card for the 2023 PGA Tour Champions season represents a fresh start and a chance to make his mark in the world of professional golf. With a renewed focus and determination, he is ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


How many chances does a player get at Q School?

Players have multiple opportunities to participate in Q School tournaments throughout the year. However, each tournament has its own set of qualification requirements and limited spots available.

What are the PGA Tour Champions?

The PGA Tour Champions is a professional golf tour for players aged 50 and older. It provides a platform for experienced golfers to continue competing at a high level and showcases the talents of seasoned players.

How does the Champions Tour differ from the PGA Tour?

While the PGA Tour features professional golfers of all ages, the PGA Tour Champions specifically caters to players aged 50 and older. It offers a unique competition platform and brings together golf’s most legendary figures.

What is the Associates Professional Golf Association?

The Associates Professional Golf Association (APGA) is a tour that provides minority golfers with increased opportunities to compete professionally. It aims to promote diversity and inclusion in the world of golf.

How does Q School work?

Q School is a tournament or series of tournaments that serve as a qualifying stage for aspiring professional golfers. Participants compete for a limited number of spots that grant them entry into higher-level tours or events.


Tim O’Neal’s clutch finish at the PGA Tour Champions Q School marked a significant turning point in his golfing career. After years of near misses and setbacks, he secured his full card for the 2023 season, providing him with a fresh start on the senior tour. O’Neal’s journey is a testament to perseverance, resilience, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s dreams in the face of adversity. As he embarks on this new chapter, the golfing world eagerly awaits his continued success and the impact he will make on the PGA Tour Champions.

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