Jessica Korda Withdraws from U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach: Injury Forces Her to Step Away


It is with disappointment that we announce Jessica Korda’s withdrawal from the highly anticipated U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach. As reported by Golfweek and confirmed by USGA officials, the 30-year-old golfer has been forced to bow out of the championship due to ongoing health concerns. This news comes as a setback not only for Korda but also for fans who were eager to witness her exceptional skills on the renowned Pebble Beach course. Let’s delve into the details surrounding Korda’s withdrawal and the impact it will have on the tournament.

Korda’s Health Struggles and Indefinite Break from the Game

Jessica Korda took to Twitter last month to announce an indefinite break from golf, hoping that rest and physical therapy would alleviate her health issues. While the specific nature of her ailment remains undisclosed, it has been affecting her performances throughout the year. Korda participated in five events at the start of 2023, with her best finish being tied for 18th place at the DIO Implant L.A. Open. Unfortunately, she had to withdraw during the first round of the Cognizant Founders Cup. This isn’t the first time Korda has faced health-related challenges, as she took time away from the sport last fall due to the same injury. Her last event before the break was in September. It is evident that Korda’s physical well-being is of utmost importance, and she is prioritizing her recovery to return stronger in the future.

Other Notable Withdrawals and New Additions to the Field

Alongside Jessica Korda, two other prominent players have also withdrawn from the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach. Mone Inami from Japan and Hee Jeong Lim from South Korea have unfortunately been forced to step away from the championship due to their own respective circumstances. Although their absence is regrettable, it opens up opportunities for other talented golfers to seize the moment and make their mark on the tournament. To maintain a competitive field, the USGA has added five players who have excelled in recent LPGA events. Azahara Munoz, Moriya Jutanugarn, Allysha Mae Mateo, Jenny Coleman, and Kumkang Park have been given the chance to showcase their skills and compete on the renowned Pebble Beach course.

The U.S. Women’s Open: A Premier Golf Championship

The U.S. Women’s Open is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious golf championships in the world. Known for its rich history and challenging courses, this tournament attracts the best women golfers from around the globe. As a major championship on the LPGA Tour, the U.S. Women’s Open offers a platform for players to demonstrate their exceptional talents and compete for the highly coveted title. The upcoming event at Pebble Beach promises to be a thrilling display of skill, determination, and sportsmanship.

Preparing for the U.S. Women’s Open: The Golfer’s Perspective

For golfers aspiring to compete in the U.S. Women’s Open, thorough preparation is key to performing at their best. Let’s explore some key aspects that golfers consider when getting ready for a tournament of this magnitude.

Physical Fitness and Well-being: Golf demands physical strength, endurance, and flexibility. Players focus on maintaining optimal fitness levels through strength training, cardiovascular exercises, and flexibility routines. Regular check-ups and injury prevention strategies help them stay in peak condition for the championship.

Technical Skills and Practice: Mastering the technical aspects of golf requires years of dedicated practice. Golfers refine their swings, work on their putting, and develop their short game through consistent training and coaching. They analyze their techniques, seeking to improve consistency and precision in every aspect of their game.

Course Familiarization

Understanding the intricacies of the tournament course is vital for success. Competitors in the U.S. Women’s Open invest time in studying the layout of Pebble Beach, including its hazards and strategic challenges. By familiarizing themselves with the course, golfers can develop game plans tailored to the unique features and demands of the championship.

Mental Preparation and Resilience: Golf is a mentally demanding sport, requiring focus, resilience, and composure. Players entering the U.S. Women’s Open engage in mental preparation techniques such as visualization exercises, mindfulness practices, and pre-shot routines. These strategies help them stay focused, confident, and composed during the pressure-packed moments of the tournament.

Strategic Approach and Game Management: The U.S. Women’s Open necessitates a strategic approach to course management. Golfers carefully assess each shot, considering the risks and rewards, and adapt their game plans accordingly. They analyze factors such as wind direction, weather conditions, and green firmness to make informed decisions. Effective game management maximizes scoring opportunities while minimizing mistakes and unnecessary risks.

The Impact of Jessica Korda’s Withdrawal

Jessica Korda’s withdrawal from the U.S. Women’s Open leaves a void in the championship. As a talented and accomplished golfer, her absence is undoubtedly disappointing for fans and fellow competitors alike. However, it also provides an opportunity for other players to step up and showcase their abilities on the renowned Pebble Beach course. The tournament becomes an even more open and unpredictable battleground, where new contenders have a chance to make their mark and potentially achieve a breakthrough in their careers.

Korda’s decision to prioritize her health serves as a reminder that athletes must prioritize their well-being to ensure longevity and sustained success in their careers. Injuries and setbacks are an unfortunate part of sports, and players must listen to their bodies and take the necessary steps towards recovery. Korda’s choice to take an indefinite break demonstrates her commitment to addressing her health concerns and returning to the game when she is ready.


The withdrawal of Jessica Korda from the U.S. Women’s Open at Pebble Beach is a disappointment for fans, but it opens doors for other talented golfers to shine on the grand stage of professional golf. The championship retains its prestige and excitement, offering a platform for women golfers to showcase their skills, compete at the highest level, and vie for the coveted title. As the tournament approaches, the golfing world eagerly awaits the thrilling battles and unforgettable moments that will unfold on the picturesque Pebble Beach course.

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