Hoffman and Palmer’s Phenomenal Performance: Shattering Records at the QBE Shootout



The QBE Shootout witnessed a golfing spectacle like no other as Charley Hoffman and Ryan Palmer etched their names in history with an awe-inspiring performance. Their exceptional skills, unwavering teamwork, and relentless pursuit of victory propelled them to a commanding lead, shattering records along the way. In this article, we delve into their remarkable journey, explore the fierce competition they faced, and highlight the thrilling moments that unfolded at this prestigious event.

Unleashing a Golfing Storm: A Record-Breaking Display

Charley Hoffman and Ryan Palmer took the QBE Shootout by storm, showcasing their exceptional skills and forming an unstoppable alliance. Their incredible performance not only earned them a 2-shot lead heading into the final day but also shattered the 36-hole record with a mind-blowing score of 26-under 118. This dynamic duo left their competitors in awe as they etched their names in the tournament’s history books.

Teaming Up: The Power of Chemistry

In a remarkable display of teamwork, Hoffman and Palmer formed an instant connection on the course, despite it being their first time playing together. Their synchronicity and seamless coordination were evident as they seamlessly switched between tee shots and alternated shots with precision. This chemistry undoubtedly played a significant role in their dominance at the QBE Shootout.

Chasing the Leaders: The Pursuit of Victory

Tom Hoge and Sahith Theegala emerged as fierce contenders in their debut appearance at the QBE Shootout. Their exceptional performance, highlighted by a stellar score of 60 at the prestigious Tiburon Golf Club, positioned them just 2 shots behind Hoffman and Palmer. Hoge and Theegala’s tenacity and determination to challenge the leaders make them a team to watch out for in the final round.

Battle-Tested Champions: English and Kuchar Rise to the Challenge

With three QBE Shootout victories under their belts, Harris English and Matt Kuchar showcased their championship pedigree once again. Matching Hoffman and Palmer’s outstanding 62, the seasoned duo finds themselves 4 shots adrift, ready to unleash their mastery in the final round. Their experience and composure under pressure make them formidable adversaries in the quest for the title.

Thrills and Excitement: Day and Horschel in the Mix

Jason Day and Billy Horschel injected a dose of excitement into the competition with their impressive performance. Finishing with a commendable score of 61, this dynamic pair remains firmly in contention for the championship. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and hunger for victory will undoubtedly keep the leaders on their toes.

LPGA Representation: Korda-McCarthy and Thompson-McNealy Leave Their Mark

Nelly Korda and Lexi Thompson, representing the LPGA with pride, showcased their skills and determination in a male-dominated field. Despite trailing by 9 shots, their unwavering spirit and resilience were evident throughout the tournament. Nelly Korda and Denny McCarthy, as well as Lexi Thompson and Maverick McNealy, finished with a respectable score of 67, demonstrating their ability to compete at the highest level.

A Showcase of Talent: The Modified Alternate Shot Format

The QBE Shootout witnessed a stunning display of golfing talent, with six out of the twelve teams recording scores of 65 or lower in the modified alternate shot format. This unique style of play brought out the best in the competitors, as they strategized and executed shots with precision. The ability to capitalize on birdie opportunities became a crucial factor, highlighting the immense skill and finesse present in the tournament.

Hoffman’s Perspective: Attacking Birdies with Confidence

Charley Hoffman, reflecting on their exceptional performance, shared insights into their strategy. “We were in a pretty good rhythm. We were giving ourselves birdie chances, and we were knocking most of them in,” Hoffman revealed. The duo’s confident approach and ability to convert opportunities into birdies set them apart from the competition. By maintaining focus and attacking the course, Hoffman and Palmer made their mark on the QBE Shootout.

As the QBE Shootout hurtles towards its thrilling conclusion, anticipation fills the air. The final day promises a clash of titans, where skills, nerves of steel, and unwavering determination will determine the ultimate champion. Golf enthusiasts and spectators worldwide eagerly await the crowning moment in this exhilarating tournament.


As the final day of the QBE Shootout draws near, the excitement and anticipation reach a fever pitch. Charley Hoffman and Ryan Palmer’s record-breaking performance has set the stage for a grand finale, where they will defend their hard-earned lead against a determined field of competitors. With challengers like Tom Hoge and Sahith Theegala, as well as experienced veterans like Harris English and Matt Kuchar, vying for the coveted title, the stage is set for an epic showdown.

The QBE Shootout has showcased the sheer talent, resilience, and sportsmanship of these remarkable golfers. It has been a testament to the power of teamwork, the pursuit of excellence, and the indomitable spirit that drives athletes to push boundaries and achieve greatness.

As fans and spectators eagerly await the final day’s action, one thing is certain: the QBE Shootout has provided unforgettable moments and served as a platform for these golfing stars to shine. Whether it’s Hoffman and Palmer maintaining their dominance or an underdog rising to the occasion, the final day promises thrills, drama, and a fitting conclusion to a tournament that will be etched in golfing lore.


What is the QBE Shootout?
The QBE Shootout is a prestigious professional golf tournament that brings together top players in a unique team format. It showcases the talents of renowned golfers as they compete against each other in various formats, including modified alternate shot and fourballs.

Who are the record holders at the QBE Shootout?
The current record holders for the 36-hole score at the QBE Shootout are Charley Hoffman and Ryan Palmer. They set a remarkable record of 26-under 118, surpassing the previous record by one shot.

How does the modified alternate shot format work?
In the modified alternate shot format, both players on a team hit tee shots, after which they alternate shots until the completion of the hole. This format requires coordination, strategy, and teamwork, as players must make strategic decisions about shot selection and execution.

Who are the notable players to watch at the QBE Shootout?
The QBE Shootout attracts a star-studded field of golfers. Notable players to watch include veterans such as Harris English, Matt Kuchar, Jason Day, and Billy Horschel. Additionally, emerging talents like Tom Hoge and Sahith Theegala bring excitement and a fresh perspective to the tournament.

How can I watch the QBE Shootout?
The QBE Shootout is broadcasted on various sports networks and streaming platforms. Check your local sports channels or streaming services to find out where you can catch the tournament live. Stay tuned to the official QBE Shootout website and social media channels for updates on viewing options and schedules.

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