Thrilling Second Round Highlights from Genesis Invitational 2021


Memorable Moments of the Second Round

In the riveting second round of the 2021 Genesis Invitational held at Riviera, golf enthusiasts witnessed a flurry of stunning performances. Top players such as Brooks Kepka, Jordan Spieth, and Cantley were some of the stars of the show.

Brooks Kepka demonstrated his skills with a remarkable long bunker shot at the 17th, subsequently making a birdie and moving to -2. Meanwhile, Spieth continued his impressive performance for the third straight week. His excellent birdie at the 11th got him to -4, and a further fantastic shot from a distance at the 14th moved him to 5 under par.

Fascinating Displays from the Pros

Brooks Kepka wasn’t finished yet, as he aimed for a birdie at the fifth and successfully brought himself to 5 under par. Spieth also shone with his second at the fifth, a splendid shot from 170 yards that led to another birdie and moved him up to 6 under par. Cantley was another star to watch, as he shot a beautiful iron at the third, scoring a birdie and matching Spieth at 6 under par.

The round also offered scoring opportunities for players like K.H. Lee who began on the back, thanks to the short par four at the 10th and the par five at the 11th.

Unforgettable Finishes

Dustin Johnson, who’s known for his consistent top 10 finishes, didn’t disappoint, delivering a long-range birdie at the sixth. Similarly, Matthew Fitzpatrick left an impression with a dead-weight, long-range birdie from 40 feet at the 8th, getting him to six under par.

Sam Burns showcased his growing confidence with a birdie at the 10th, taking him to nine under. After a splendid tee shot at the sixth, he saved par at the eighth, ending the day at 12 under par through two days of play.


Who were some of the key players in the second round of the Genesis Invitational 2021?
Brooks Kepka, Jordan Spieth, Cantley, Dustin Johnson, Matthew Fitzpatrick, and Sam Burns were among the notable players in the second round.

How did Jordan Spieth perform in the second round of the Genesis Invitational 2021?
Jordan Spieth showcased a remarkable performance. He scored a birdie at the 11th and 14th, moving him to 5 under par. He also made a splendid shot at the fifth, leading to another birdie and getting him to six under par.

What were some standout moments in the second round of the Genesis Invitational 2021?
Brooks Kepka’s long bunker shot and subsequent birdie at the 17th, Jordan Spieth’s birdie at the 11th and 14th, Dustin Johnson’s long-range birdie at the sixth, and Sam Burns’ birdie at the tenth and par save at the eighth were among the standout moments.

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