Student PURES His Irons In 20 Minutes With This Golf Lesson!


This article shares an insightful, easy-to-follow guide to improving your golf game, specifically focusing on consistent iron striking. The inspiration came from a one-on-one lesson with a student named Luca, who transformed his swing significantly within 20 minutes.

The instructor used a three-step process to help Luca overcome his struggles with his iron swings. After implementing this process, Luca started hitting the golf ball consistently with a central strike.

Three-Step Process to Better Swings

  1. Regulate the Backswing: The instructor noticed that Luca’s arms lifted too high during the backswing, which resulted in a steep and incorrect downward movement. The first step to correct this was to adjust the position of the lead arm to be closer to the shoulder plane, creating a more rounded motion.
  2. Create Negative Feedback: Luca still had some poor strikes, so the instructor introduced a feedback mechanism using a headcover placed outside the golf ball. The idea was simple—if Luca hit the headcover, it meant the club was coming over the swing plane.
  3. Improve Coordination: To help Luca become more aware of his club’s position, he was encouraged to make practice swings focusing on where his club head would hit the ground. This increased coordination significantly improved Luca’s striking consistency.

The transformation in Luca’s swing is a testament to this effective three-step process.


How can I improve the consistency of my iron strikes?
You can improve your iron strikes by focusing on three key aspects: regulating your backswing, creating negative feedback mechanisms, and improving your coordination.

What’s the most common mistake golfers make in their backswing?
Many amateur golfers lift their arms too high during the backswing, which leads to a steep downward movement, resulting in poor strikes.

How can I better coordinate my golf swings?
Practice swings focusing on where your club head would hit the ground. This helps to increase your awareness of the club head’s position, which improves coordination and striking consistency.

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