Stop doing this if you struggle with slicing


In the video provided, there are crucial insights and tips shared, particularly for those struggling with slicing their shots or constantly hitting off to the right. The advice offered is not only practical but also easy to implement and could significantly improve the consistency and control of your golf shots.

The first point that is covered in the video is the importance of how you hold your golf club. A common issue found among golfers who slice their shots is that they tend to hold the club high through the palm of their hands. While this may feel comfortable or natural to some, it can, in fact, lead to a lack of control over the club face, contributing to shots that veer off to the right.

The video advises a simple, yet highly effective solution: adjust your grip so the club is held lower in the palm, near the base of the palm and the top of your fingers. This change in grip can offer a much more secure hold on the club, providing you with greater control over the club face during your swing.

Implementing this adjustment may not only help correct your slicing issue, but it might also expand your shot repertoire, allowing you to hit a wider variety of shot shapes. It’s an adjustment that is worth trying, and you are encouraged to share your experience or any improvement in the comment section.

Remember, it is the small changes, like adjusting your grip, that can have a significant impact on your game. Thank you for watching the video and continue practicing to see positive changes in your golf game. Remember to like the video if you found the advice helpful.

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