Quick Improvements in Golf Swing Consistency with Simple Posture Changes


In this instructional video, golf professionals help Julian improve his swing, specifically focusing on consistently hitting his irons better. They discuss a simple setup change that has helped him greatly. Often, the key to improvement lies in simplicity.

Understanding the Importance of Posture

Analyzing Julian’s performance, the instructors notice his upright head position during the setup, leading to excessive head drop during the swing. They emphasize how a poor setup can contribute to inconsistent contact with the ball, often leading to hitting the ground before the ball.

Implementing a Posture Change

The instructors then suggest a posture change, including positioning Julian a little further back and having him tip forward more from his hips. This change helps him see the ball better, maintaining a more constant head position throughout his swing. The instructors caution against maintaining a perfectly straight spine, emphasizing the importance of relaxing the neck and looking down at the golf ball.

Testing the New Setup

As Julian practices his new setup, the instructors notice a significant reduction in head drop and improved contact with the ball. They further observe the benefits of teeing the ball very low during practice to focus on the new change.

Evaluating Performance and Offering Tips

Julian’s new posture delivers noticeably improved contact, resulting in a more consistent swing and better ball flight. The instructors stress the importance of perfecting the setup and posture before delving into more complex elements like wrist angles and shaft positions. They conclude by suggesting the use of the ‘me and my golf’ app to improve ball striking, just like Julian.

This instructional video delivers practical tips and advice for improving golf swings and is particularly beneficial for golfers struggling with consistent iron shots. It highlights the significance of the setup and demonstrates how simple changes can lead to quick improvements. Remember, success in golf often lies in mastering the basics.

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