Master Your Golf Swing: A Helpful Grip Pressure Drill


In this video tutorial, professional golf instructors from Esprit delve into an essential aspect of the game – managing grip pressure during your golf swing. This invaluable session aims to address problems caused by overly tight grip pressure and suggests a handy drill to help golfers attain optimal grip control.

Understanding Grip Pressure in Golf

The instructors discuss a viewer’s concern about tight grip pressure causing difficulties with their golf swing. They assert that excessive grip pressure can indeed impede the swing, limit clubface rotation, and hinder wrist set, all of which directly influence golf swing’s accuracy and power. They also note that some players intentionally modify their grip pressure to achieve different ball flights.

While golf legend Tiger Woods is known to maintain a tighter grip to ensure his signature fade, the trainers emphasize that this strategy is not ideal for all golfers. The majority of golfers tend to slice the ball and often grip the club too tightly. Therefore, loosening the grip may aid in closing the clubface and improving the swing.

The Grip Pressure Drill

The instructors demonstrate an effective drill designed to establish the right grip pressure. They advise golfers to lift the golf club in the air, ensuring the club head is above the grip. In this position, golfers should merely ‘hold’ the club, emphasizing on feeling the weight of the club head. If the weight of the head is not felt, it implies an overly tight grip.

Moving the club around while maintaining this light pressure can further enhance the understanding of grip dynamics. The drill can easily be incorporated into a pre-shot routine, keeping the grip pressure light and even performing a small waggle before the swing to ensure the correct pressure is maintained.


This grip pressure drill is a valuable tool for any golfer struggling with overly tight grip pressure. By incorporating this into their pre-shot routine, golfers can enjoy a more controlled, powerful, and accurate golf swing.


How does grip pressure affect golf swing accuracy and power?

Grip pressure has a significant impact on the golf swing. Overly tight grip pressure can limit clubface rotation and restrict wrist set, both critical aspects of the swing. This could result in decreased accuracy and power in your shots.

What’s the optimal way to grip a golf club?

The optimal grip pressure allows you to feel the weight of the club head. This can be achieved by simply ‘holding’ the club rather than gripping it too tightly. If you can’t feel the weight of the club head, it’s a sign that your grip might be too tight.

How can I incorporate the grip pressure drill into my routine?

You can include the grip pressure drill in your pre-shot routine. Hold the club up with the club head above the grip, ensuring that you’re just supporting the weight of the club head. Maintain this light grip pressure, and perhaps even do a little waggle before initiating the swing. This helps keep the feeling in the club head, allowing for a more controlled swing.

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