Mastering Sidehill Lies in Golf: How to Play when the Ball is Above or Below Your Feet



Ever wondered how to tackle those tricky sidehill lies on the golf course? In this video, a golf professional demonstrates some effective strategies for handling situations when the ball is significantly below or above your feet. Learn how to maintain your balance, position your body and club correctly, and achieve solid contact for both situations.

Ball Below Your Feet

When the ball is resting below your feet, there are a few essential points to remember. Firstly, ensure the ball is positioned appropriately in your stance. For instance, with a five iron, it should be at the center or slightly ahead.

It’s crucial to maintain a forward lean, putting more weight on your toes, and slightly lifting your hands higher than normal. This positioning helps to prevent the heel from grounding and causing a leftward flip of the ball. A slightly open clubface can also help to mitigate this risk.

Remember to maintain a wider stance for stability as your weight will be more on your toes. Even if you lose your balance slightly after the shot, it’s vital to stay committed throughout the swing. If you’re hitting towards the green, consider taking an extra club for a smoother, committed swing.

Ball Above Your Feet

Playing a shot with the ball above your feet can be a different challenge altogether. Remember that with the ball at shin level, your aim can be significantly affected. It’s vital to adjust your grip, possibly even touching the shaft of the club, and choose a club two sizes larger when hitting to the green.

Weight distribution should be in the middle of your stance with a wider stance for stability. Slightly open the clubface to counter the ball’s tendency to go left.

In this case, raising your hands higher helps to flatten the club and reduce the leftward shift of the ball. Maintain an upright swing plane following the slope, as taking the club too inside can cause issues. It may even help to visualize playing a small cut shot.


Tackling uphill and downhill lies with the ball either above or below your feet can be challenging. These situations require specific adjustments and commitment to the shot. As the practice range may not always provide these conditions, understanding these quick adjustments can be a real game saver on the course.

The video was shot at the beautiful Barnsley Resort, which offers top-class facilities and accommodation. Recognized for having the best greens in Georgia, a link to the resort is provided in the video description for those interested. Enjoy your game and see you in the next tutorial!

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