Essential Golf Driver Lesson for Exceptional Performance



The driver is often the most emotional golf club in the bag for golfers. This video reveals the crucial steps for hitting the driver perfectly, based on the practices of the world’s best golfers. Although the video does not promise to achieve the same distances as the pros, it does provide vital tips on delivering the golf club for further and straighter drives.

Optimizing Golf Drives

The best golf players worldwide often demonstrate an athletic posture over the golf ball and a high shot during their swings. To hit the driver as well as possible, the video suggests getting the club traveling upwards through impact. This technique can help launch the ball high and reduce backspin. It begins with the proper tee height, which should allow almost a full golf ball to appear above the club head.

Setting Up for Success

To set up a successful drive, the ball should be positioned further forward, typically under the left armpit. At address, golfers should strive for more spine tilt than usual, which can be achieved by slightly bumping the hips towards the target. This spine tilt should be retained through impact, which will help the club travel upward and launch the ball high.

Addressing Common Issues

One common issue that golfers face when hitting up on the ball is that the club starts moving more left, causing the ball to slice. To counter this, golfers need to change the direction they swing the club. The video emphasizes the importance of swinging from the inside as much as possible.

Tips for Improvement

Practice swings at reduced speed can help golfers gain awareness of their swing and how to deliver the club more efficiently. By improving the setup, swinging from the inside, and focusing on maintaining spine tilt, golfers can optimize their drive distance and accuracy.


How can I hit the golf ball further with a driver? The key is to set up correctly, position the ball forward, and encourage the club to travel upwards more upon impact. It also helps to maintain spine tilt and to swing more from the inside.

Why is my ball slicing when I hit it with a driver? As the club travels upwards through impact, it tends to move more to the left, causing a slice. To avoid this, you need to swing from the inside as much as possible.

How can I practice for better control over the driver? Start by practicing swings at a reduced speed to gain better awareness and control. Gradually increase the speed of your swings while maintaining the principles of the perfect setup and swing direction.

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