Bryson DeChambeau’s Masterful Recovery from the Jungle in Hero Tournament



In the Hero Tournament, Bryson DeChambeau faced an unexpected challenge when his tee shot ended up in the dense vegetation. Despite the unfavorable circumstances, DeChambeau demonstrated his skill and creativity, saving par with a remarkable shot from the jungle.

DeChambeau’s Wayward Tee Shot

Just as he was getting into a rhythm with his driving, DeChambeau hit a shot that deflected off a rock and disappeared into the jungle. Despite the surprise, he remained unfazed, preparing for a provisional shot. He pointed out that his swing felt good, just like the previous ones, even though the result differed substantially.

Masterful Recovery Shot

Underneath the thick undergrowth, DeChambeau saw an opportunity. With the possibility of hitting a hooded wedge to get to the right side of the green, he decided to close down the face of the club and take a swing. The shot was masterful, and he skillfully navigated his ball from the jungle to the green. Despite the distance, DeChambeau was set up for a birdie attempt.

Saving Par

The lengthy birdie putt proved challenging and the ball ended up going past the hole. With a level par for the day, Bryson had a chance to save par and manage his frustration with the round. Displaying his resilience and determination, he did save par, concluding a day filled with impressive shots and recovery play.


How did Bryson DeChambeau manage to recover his tee shot from the jungle during the Hero Tournament?

DeChambeau managed to recover his wayward tee shot from the jungle by brilliantly hitting a hooded wedge to the right side of the green. Despite the unfavorable situation, his skill and creativity shone through, leading to a remarkable recovery.

Did Bryson DeChambeau save par during the Hero Tournament after his ball ended up in the jungle?

Yes, DeChambeau managed to save par after his tee shot ended up in the jungle. Despite the challenging birdie putt, his determination and resilience helped him secure a level par for the day.

What was the reaction to DeChambeau’s shot from the jungle during the Hero Tournament?

The reaction to DeChambeau’s shot from the jungle was one of awe and admiration. Despite his tee shot disappearing into the jungle, his subsequent masterful recovery shot demonstrated his high level of skill and creativity, earning him much acclaim.

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