Unleash Your Potential in Golf: Amplify Backswing Turn & Wrist Hinge for Extra Yards



In this instructive golf lesson video, professional golf instructor, Milo, helps a student to significantly improve his backswing turn and wrist hinge. By applying these techniques, the student increases his yardage by an impressive 20 yards in just 20 minutes! The detailed and easy-to-follow instructions are suitable for golfers aiming to fine-tune their game, gain extra distance, and lower their scores.

Fine-Tuning the Backswing & Wrist Hinge

The lesson begins by examining the student’s existing swing and grip. Milo then tweaks the student’s arm positioning, rotating it inwards to relax the elbow. This change allows for improved hand movement, leading to a more effective swing. A significant focus is placed on improving the wrist hinge for optimized lever action, ultimately generating more speed and power in the swing.

The video highlights the importance of fluidity in the golf swing, with Milo encouraging the student to imagine ‘tossing the club’ to facilitate a more natural, flowing motion. They then introduce the idea of a trigger movement for the swing, creating rhythmic momentum for a wider, more efficient backswing.

Unlocking More Distance

Milo emphasizes the significant role that wrist angles play in gaining distance. By correctly structuring the left arm and creating proper wrist angles, the student noticeably hits the ball farther. This part of the video will help golfers understand the connection between body mechanics and increased yardage.

Towards the end of the lesson, the focus shifts to the driver, applying the same principles to hit the ball even further. The student quickly adjusts to the instructions and succeeds in striking the ball significantly farther than his previous average.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does adjusting my wrist hinge improve my golf swing?
Adjusting your wrist hinge can improve the efficiency of your swing, particularly in terms of speed and power. A proper wrist hinge allows for optimal lever action, resulting in more distance.

Why is arm positioning important in my golf swing?
Proper arm positioning ensures that your swing is more effective. If your arm is internally rotated, it allows for better hand movement, leading to a more efficient and powerful swing.

What is the significance of a ‘trigger movement’ in golf?
A trigger movement can help to establish rhythmic momentum for your swing. This can aid in creating a wider backswing, which can ultimately contribute to hitting the ball farther.

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