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An Unforgettable Golf Challenge at St. Andrews

On the legendary 18th green of the Old Course at St. Andrews, an extraordinary event was hosted by Mastercard. This was not your typical day on the course, but one that offered two fortunate golfers, Blair and Sheena, an opportunity to win tickets to the prestigious 150th Open Championship.

The challenge was to recreate one of the most famous putts in golf history – the putt Seve Ballesteros made to win The Open in 1984. The rules were simple: three attempts per player, and the first to make the putt wins. If both players missed, the one who got closest in any of their attempts would win the tickets.

Tom Watson’s Wisdom Shines Through

To help the competitors, five-time Open Championship winner Tom Watson was there to provide invaluable advice. He pointed out the break of the putt and reminded the players not to leave their attempts short.

Both players had their fair share of near misses and close calls. However, in the end, it was Sheena who took the clubhouse lead and won the tickets. Yet, in a wonderful turn of events, Mastercard, considering Blair’s excellent effort, decided to award him tickets as well.

The Joy of Golf and Generosity

This heartwarming event serves as a reminder of the joy that golf brings, as well as the spirit of generosity that Mastercard brought to the Old Course at St. Andrews. Both Sheena and Blair now look forward to witnessing the 150th Open Championship in July, thanks to their exceptional efforts and Mastercard’s generosity.


What was the special event held by Mastercard at St. Andrews?
Mastercard hosted a unique golf event at St. Andrews, offering two amateur golfers the chance to win tickets to the 150th Open Championship by recreating Seve Ballesteros’s iconic putt.

Who were the participants in the Mastercard event?
Two fortunate golfers, Blair and Sheena, were selected to participate in this event. They had to replicate the famous putt made by Seve Ballesteros to win the 1984 Open.

What role did Tom Watson play in the Mastercard event?
Five-time Open Championship winner Tom Watson was there to offer expert advice to the participants. He shared his knowledge about the course and provided guidance on how to approach the putt.

Who ended up winning tickets to the 150th Open Championship?
Both Sheena and Blair won tickets to the 150th Open Championship. While Sheena won the initial challenge, Mastercard decided to award Blair with tickets as well, acknowledging his impressive effort.

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