Unleashing Power on the Golf Course: A Memorable Scramble with Peter Finch & Matt Fryer


Experience an exciting golf adventure in this video featuring a three-man scramble with golf pros Rick Shields, Peter Finch, and Matt Fryer at the stunning Formby Golf Club. Settle in for some aggressive play, plenty of birdies, and numerous successful putts as our trio aims to score as many birdies as possible over six holes.

A Three-Man Scramble

The scramble is simple. Each player tees off, and the team chooses the best ball from those drives. The team continues to play from the position of the best shot until the completion of the hole. Our golfing trio targets six under as their ultimate goal for these six holes.

The First Steps

The video begins with an initial struggle. A successful tee-shot from Peter sets the stage for some promising play. There’s camaraderie and competitiveness as the team pushes to excel, realizing that success in this format demands team effort and strategic plays.

Turning Up the Heat

As the game advances, the team does remarkably well. They reach one under through two holes, and the third hole brings a golden chance for an eagle. After a sensational tee shot and an iron shot from Matt, the team accomplishes an impressive eagle. The excitement only grows as they aim to hit birdie on the fourth hole, culminating in them reaching four under through four holes.

Under Par Triumphs

The fifth hole is a challenge with a 162-yard par 3. Despite some well-struck shots and a nerve-racking situation, they maintain their performance. Though they miss a birdie, the team sustains its score of four under through five holes.

Final Showdown

The final hole is a nail-biter. A beautiful drive by Matt sets up a birdie opportunity, a chance to reach the goal of five under. The game concludes with a riveting finale and leaves the viewers with a challenge – to beat their score in a three-man scramble.

Make sure to check out the channels of Peter Finch and Matt Fryer, they have some pretty awesome content. Can you beat the challenge of five under through six? Don’t forget to hit like if you enjoyed this video. Happy golfing!

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