3 Essential Power Moves for Long Drives in Golf


In this detailed tutorial, an expert golf professional explains three key power moves that can add significant distance to your golf drives. These moves are particularly beneficial for golfers who often find themselves trailing behind their playing partners due to short drives.

Key Power Moves for Long Golf Drives

The video tutorial presents a step-by-step guide to implement three key power moves, ideal for those seeking to add an extra 20 to 30 yards to their drives. It’s important to note that these power moves are intended for distance, not consistency.

  1. Adjust Your Setup: Initially, the instructor recommends moving the ball a bit further forward in the stance. This change in setup prepares you for the subsequent power moves.
  2. Maximize Weight Shift: To generate power, a substantial weight shift into the trail side is essential. This can be achieved by lifting the lead heel while swinging back. It’s essential to maintain balance by keeping the weight on the heel of the trail leg.
  3. Lift Arms Higher: To increase the swing power, lifting the arms higher than usual is recommended. The hands should ideally reach a 12 o’clock position, resembling a clock face.
  4. Initiate Downswing with Lead Heel: Start the downswing by stamping the lead heel into the ground, followed by a forward thrust. This move stimulates a vertical movement upwards, creating extra power on the golf swing.

Optimize Your Swing with Power Moves

Incorporating these power moves in your golf swing can considerably enhance your club head speed, leading to longer drives. The golf pro demonstrates these moves in the video, executing a powerful swing that results in a drive covering a significant distance, even against the wind.


1. Are these power moves suitable for all golfers?

Yes, these moves can be beneficial to all golfers looking to increase the distance of their drives. However, golfers should have basic proficiency in the standard golf swing before trying to incorporate these power moves.

2. Can these power moves improve the consistency of my golf drives?

While these power moves are primarily aimed at increasing drive distance, they are not designed to enhance consistency. Therefore, golfers looking for consistency should focus on other aspects of their golf swing.

3. How can I improve the weight shift during my golf swing?

An effective method to maximize the weight shift is to lift your lead heel while swinging back. Remember to keep the weight on the heel of the trail leg to maintain balance.

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