What can you do with a 2 / 3rds Golf Swing


This video provides two-minute golf tips, specifically focusing on the potential of a 2/3rds golf swing. It’s a great warm-up routine, as it lets golfers experience a small, controlled version of their swing. The video encourages practicing this swing at home, to learn about the power and accuracy that can come from just two-thirds of a full swing.

The golf professional demonstrates the power of a two-thirds swing with a six iron club, managing to drive the golf ball approximately 140 yards with little wrist hinge. The concept of a ‘Y’ shape is introduced, referring to the golfer’s posture and the alignment of the club, which can be held at different lengths to vary the swing.

Next, the video explores how using a sand iron, a club with more loft, can drastically alter the results of a two-thirds swing. Despite using the same two-thirds backswing, the ball flies much higher and covers about 45 yards, perfect for a pitch shot. This demonstrates the versatility of the two-thirds swing, and how it can be adapted to different clubs and shots.

The video also advises golfers to experiment with a smaller version of the two-thirds swing, going down to about a half swing, and observe the difference in ball flight and distance. The aim is to control the swing for different situations on the course, reinforcing the importance of this swing in both long game and short game.

If a golfer finds their game deteriorating, the video suggests returning to this basic two-thirds mechanism. A simple yet powerful tool, it plays a significant role in both the long and short game. This video emphasizes the importance of understanding and mastering the 2/3rds golf swing to improve overall golf performance.

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