Discover the Secret to Hitting Your Driver Straight Every Time



The video uncovers a new method that ensures you hit your driver straight every time. Whether you’re looking to add more distance to your drive or maintain control over your swing, the key is understanding how to square the club face at impact, control the wrists in the downswing, and release the driver correctly through the impact area.

Understanding the Wrist Motion

Firstly, it’s crucial to comprehend how wrist motion impacts your golf swing. Generating more speed can be as simple as correctly executing the catapult motion in your shot. To do this, try swinging the club without moving your body. Feel the momentum as the club speeds up. Practice this with both irons and drivers, adjusting your body position and swinging slightly between the two to optimize impact.

Controlling the Swing for a Square Impact

The second stage is controlling the swing to ensure the club arrives square at impact. To do this effectively, you need to understand the ‘feel’ of impact. This involves learning to align the lead arm and club into a straight line, shift the weight onto the lead side, and lean slightly backward at the moment of impact.

The Importance of Practice

Lastly, practice is essential to making these techniques second nature. Start with small, controlled swings and gradually build up speed. Use feedback tools like a box to align your shots and put your practice into action on the golf course.

Remember, don’t guide the motion; let the club rip through the shot. Once you’ve mastered generating speed and understanding impact, you’ll be hitting your driver straight every time.


  1. How can I improve my swing speed? Swing speed can be increased by perfecting the catapult motion in your golf swing. This involves letting your wrists work freely to create a whipping motion, which in turn generates speed.
  2. Why is my golf ball not going straight? A golf ball may not travel straight if the clubface isn’t square at impact. Learning to control your swing and understanding the ‘feel’ of impact can greatly improve the accuracy of your shots.
  3. How can I practice controlling my swing? Practice with feedback tools like a box to align your shots. Start with small, controlled swings, and then gradually increase speed. Regular practice is the key to mastering control over your golf swing.

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