Mastering the Driver Off the Deck Technique with ‘Me and My Golf’


In this YouTube video, ‘Me and My Golf’ take viewers through an engaging tutorial on how to effectively hit the driver off the deck, a move that can be both risky yet rewarding under certain circumstances. Particularly useful when needing to reach a par 5 or hit under the wind, the instructors delve into the nuances of the technique while on the course, demonstrating a practical application at the Grand Del Mar’s par 5 7th hole.

Enhancing Your Technique: Key Steps

The video highlights several key adjustments to your standard driver shot, which helps to create a low shot with a slight cut often associated with driving off the deck. To facilitate this:

  1. The golf ball position should be further back than normal.
  2. More pressure should be put on the lead leg, which is achieved by flaring out the foot a bit more.
  3. The goal is to hit down on the ball rather than up. This is achieved through a slight shift in swing dynamics, essentially brushing the ground.
  4. A fade-like sensation should be experienced while hitting the shot, meaning a slightly steeper attack angle is necessary for a good strike.

These elements, when combined, lead to an optimal strike that travels low and cuts in from left to right.

Conclusion: Driver Off the Deck Utility

The instructor demonstrates the driver off the deck technique’s effectiveness, successfully hitting the green and setting up a chance for an eagle. Overall, this video offers an invaluable guide for any golfer looking to enhance their skills and options on the course.


  1. What is the ‘driver off the deck’ technique in golf?The ‘driver off the deck’ technique involves hitting a driver shot from the fairway or rough without using a tee. It’s a specialized shot often used to reach a par 5 in two or hit under the wind, but it carries a degree of risk due to the low loft of the driver.
  2. What are the key adjustments for the ‘driver off the deck’ shot?Adjustments include placing the golf ball further back than normal, adding more pressure on the lead leg, brushing the ground with the swing, and creating a fade-like sensation to hit the ball with a slightly steeper attack angle.
  3. When should I use the ‘driver off the deck’ technique?This technique is useful when you need to reach a par 5 in two shots or hit under the wind. However, it requires practice and precise execution due to the risk associated with hitting a driver without a tee.

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