Titleist Tips: Chipping from Different Lies

To have a great short game, you have to be adaptable. Around the green, you will face a myriad of different lies, distances, obstacles and green conditions. To get up and down consistently, it helps to have a simple, reliable technique that you can then adjust when the shot at hand calls for it.

In this video, Titleist staff member Trillium Rose faces a delicate downhill shot, over a shelf, to a pin that is cut in the lower section of the green. How she plays this shot depends largely on the lie. Watch as Trillium demonstrates one technique for a good lie in the fringe and another for a difficult lie, where the ball is lying down in the rough.

For a Good Lie on the Collar of the Green:
• Comfortable, narrow stance.
• Distribute most of your weight on your lead foot.
• Stand fairly close to the ball and raise the handle of the wedge at address (more vertical, lifting the heel of the club off the turf).
• Use a simple chipping motion with little to no wrist hinge.
• Rotate your chest through the shot and let the club do the work

For a Tough Lie, Down in the Rough:
• Keep your stance narrow, weight favoring lead foot, but maintain your natural distance away from the ball.
• Keep the handle neutral or even lower the handle slightly.
• Open the face of the wedge.
• Main Key: Use a little wrist hinge. This promotes a steeper angle of attack and minimizes the amount of long grass that gets in between the club face and the ball.
• Rotate your chest through the shot as you unhinge your wrists and pop the ball up high and softly.

For more tips and drills from Trillium and other Titleist Staff Members, visit Titleist Instruction: https://bit.ly/2W4QkIR

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