Stress Free Golf using Mental Games on the Course – Lesson with Michele Low

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REBUILDING THE PLAYA IN CHIEF CHAPTER NEXT: After taking lessons, i really needed to learn to forget them on the course. The mechanics can sneak up on you and destroy your vibe. I hadn’t played in a while and it was amazing to see how she refocused me and got me around the course in around 1 or 2 over par when I had no idea where the ball was going.

The key takeaway here is the information on alignment to align your clubface, your body and then to eliminate the course in your minds eye and SEE THE FIELD like in LEGEND OF BAGGER VANCE. The aiming technique she uses in the distance helps us to let go of what is in front of us. We remove the fairway, the danger, the hazards and allwe see is some small thing in the distance that we play to.


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Michele was practically showing me the way of the playa. It highlighted how far I have moved away from the path of the Way of the Playa because my brain is so scattered with other work and life stress when I do get to the golf course.

There is so much value in this video and Michele is a superb coach.

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