Motocaddy rolls out new power trolley range


M5 GPS models, the new GPS range features a responsive smart touchscreen display and cutting-edge functionality, while the new M1, M1 DHC and M7 REMOTE complete this year’s compact-folding line-up.

The M5 and M-TECH models will have access to more advanced course mapping, real-time updates and performance tracking data directly from the trolley display screen

Cellular capability will be switched on this summer across the new M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC and M-TECH models, taking the fast, accurate GPS to another level with access to more advanced course mapping, real-time updates and performance tracking data directly from the trolley display screen.

A sim card and cellular aerial antenna – much like that used to connect to mobile data networks on smartphones – were also installed into all M5 GPS trolleys sold last year, enabling existing owners to also take advantage of the exciting new features made possible by real-time data access.

“It’s another world first for golf trolleys and we’re really excited to build on the impressive features already offered by the M5 GPS model,” said CEO, John Helas. “The M5 GPS raised the bar last year, with its user-friendly and ultra-responsive touchscreen technology combining with the unprecedented reliability offered by our M-Series range. Cellular connectivity is something entirely new for electric trolleys and with real-time data connectivity, the opportunities for future development are endless.”

The new cellular features will be available through an annual subscription package that unlocks premium features including full hole mapping, depiction of greenside hazards, scoring statistics and a round summary that uploads onto the Motocaddy app to allow golfers to analyse their performance. The new technology will also notify users when a software or course update is available, ensuring they always have access to the very latest features and functionality wherever they are.  All new and existing M5 GPS, M5 GPS DHC and 2021 M-TECH owners will be offered a free trial period.


The M5 GPS trolley – the world’s first touchscreen GPS electric model – will continue with its game-changing features following a phenomenally successful launch last year and will incorporate styling upgrades, including new sporty slimline ambidextrous wheels.

A fully integrated GPS system built into a hi-res 3.5-inch touchscreen display, provides golfers with access to course mapping across more than 40,000 pre-loaded courses worldwide.

The all-weather screen features a dynamic green view which updates to display the shape of every hole being played along with front, middle and back distances, plus hazards and the ability to ‘drag and drop’ the flag positions on the screen. Clock, round timer and score tracking are also available, plus the par of each hole, the ability to measure a shot, automatic hole advancement and a battery indicator. Potential life-saving defibrillator (AED) locations at the course can be found on the screen, as well as crucial CPR instructions for playing partners.

When connected to the free Motocaddy GPS app, golfers can also receive a wide range of smartphone notifications direct to the touch screen, alerting to a call, text message, email or range of app alerts, including WhatsApp and Facebook. A preview of message alerts can also be read on-screen. The smartphone can be securely placed in a golf bag pocket or charged using the trolley’s patented USB charging port. In addition to the new cellular capabilities, other connectivity features include super-fast Over‑the‑Air course and system updates via the built-in WiFi connection.

The M5 GPS models will be available in a graphite frame with blue trim at the following RRP’s – £799.99/€949.99 (Standard Lithium) and £849.99/€999.99 (Ultra Lithium) and M5 GPS DHC – £849.99/€999.99 (Standard Lithium) and £899.99/€1,049.99 (Ultra Lithium).


Along with Cellular connectivity and the high-performance GPS and smart technology found on the M5 trolleys, the brand-new M-TECH is the flagship model in the award-winning Motocaddy M-Series range and combines unrivalled functionality with luxury finishes and striking design to produce the ultimate in golf club transportation.

A new high resolution 3.5” LCD touchscreen display is added to hand-stitched genuine leather handle grips, polished chrome detailing and carbon-fibre styling available exclusively to M-TECH owners. Featuring the brand’s award-winning downhill control technology, it will automatically maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking, coupled with an electronic parking brake.

The M-TECH features a super-lightweight high-capacity 36+ Lithium battery and next generation, high power 28V electronics along with other game-enhancing functions, including a USB charging port; Adjustable Distance Control (up to 60 yards or metres); a clock and round timer; shot measurement; score tracking; fully adjustable handle height; plus nine speed settings that enable the golfer to set the trolley at the perfect walking pace. It also incorporates the world’s simplest compact-folding system and space-saving inverted wheels – allowing it to fit into the smallest car boots. The brand’s exclusive EASILOCK™ bag-to-trolley connection system removes the need for a lower bag strap.

The new M-TECH will be available in April in a stealthy Black frame with polished chrome detailing at an RRP of £1,299.99/€1,499.99 including an extended 3-year warranty for complete peace of mind.


Incorporating a high resolution 2.8″ LCD touchscreen display, the M3 GPS models can connect to the Motocaddy GPS app through Bluetooth® for smartphone alerts and course updates. Offering fast and accurate data through an integrated GPS processor, the responsive screen offers distances to the front, middle and back of the green, plus hazard information for over 40,000 worldwide courses. It also includes shot measurement in addition to clock and round timers to help track pace of play.

Along with the ground-breaking GPS ‘Smart’ technology, the M3 GPS and M3 GPS DHC models are powered by a next-generation 28V drive system and a high-quality super-light M-Series Lithium battery that can be charged on board, meaning it doesn’t have to be removed for transportation. The battery has also received an IP66 waterproof rating, ensuring safe use in all weather conditions.

Like other M-Series models, the M3 GPS offers a simple, compact-folding system with ‘SlimFold’ design allowing the ambidextrous sporty five-spoke wheels to invert to easily fit into the smallest car boots. Adjustable Distance Control (up to 60 yards or metres), a USB charging port, oversize tubing for ultimate handle stability, tool-free handle height adjustment and compatibility with the pioneering EASILOCK bag-to-trolley connection system are other game-enhancing features included.

The M3 GPS DHC includes all the features found on the M3 GPS, but it can also maintain a constant speed while moving down a gradient – thanks to a special single motor that offers downhill braking, coupled with an electronic parking brake that can be used both uphill and downhill. It also comes with specialised all-terrain DHC wheels with anti-skid tread to tackle the course with ease.

Both models will be available from this month with a graphite frame with lime trim. RRPs – £749.99/€849.99 (Standard Lithium) and £799.99/€899.99 (Ultra Lithium) and M3 GPS DHC – £799.99/€899.99 (Standard Lithium) and £849.99/€949.99 (Ultra Lithium).


The compact-folding M7 REMOTE features a rechargeable handset, removable anti-tip rear wheel and automatic Downhill Control technology for the ultimate in responsive control.

Upgrades for this season include new slimline all terrain rear wheels and new anti-glare LCD widescreen display featuring an on-screen remote battery meter to ensure the wireless handset remains charged and ready for action. Utilising advancements in remote control technology, the ‘ergonomic’ remote handset is extremely easy to use and fully rechargeable – using the trolley’s USB charging port if needed. It can move the trolley forward, left, right and in reverse, with a handy pause and resume feature. It can also switch readily from remote to manual mode and back again, if the user wants to control it from the handle like a regular trolley via the on/off button.

In addition to including Automatic Downhill Control, there is a handset lock function to prevent the handset from being engaged accidentally. Equipped with a wider wheel-base than standard M-Series models, the M7 REMOTE has an impressive 50-meter range and is powered by two whisper-quiet 230W motors.

The M7 REMOTE comes with a graphite frame and lithium battery.  RRP: £999.99.


Quick and easy to fold, the M1 is the simplest‑to‑use compact trolley in the world and boasts a car boot friendly design for optimum storage. A speed indicator offering nine speed settings, colour-coded battery meter and Adjustable Distance Control up to 45 yards are featured on an impressive new anti-glare LCD widescreen display, which is optimised for use in all weather conditions. The M1 also boasts new five-spoke ambidextrous wheels in addition to a USB port. Utilising the M-Series 28V power system, the M1 is also available with DHC technology.
Both trolleys are available in a graphite/red colour combination.
RRPs – M1 – £599.99/€699.99 (Standard Lithium) and £649.99/€749.99 (Ultra Lithium) and M1 DHC – £649.99/€749.99 (Standard Lithium) and £699.99/€799.99 (Ultra Lithium).

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