Ben Hogan’s Magic Elbow – The Best Golf Ball Striking Tip You Need to Know

Ben Hogan and the magic of the trail elbow – one of the best Ben Hogan golf ball striking tips you need to know. This is one of the best golf ball striking tips because it makes the golf swing so easy to repeat and also fixes 11+ golf swing problems. This Ben Hogan golf tip comes from his book Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf. More specifically, in the Stance section, Ben Hogan discusses the importance of tucking in the trail elbow to allow it to stay “glued to his side” in the golf swing. Ben Hogan’s “elbow tucking” setup serves many important purposes:
1. It allows the golf club to travel on the same path every single time for a consistent, automatically repeating golf swing with amazing golf ball striking.
2. It creates an automatic wrist hinge and stores up power in the trail arm in the backswing – for powerful golf ball striking.
3. It stores power and lag on the downswing – preventing casting and early extension in the process and opening up room to hit really clean golf shots.
4. It allows the trail arm to powerfully FIRE through the golf ball after impact – sending all of your energy through the ball without wasting any power and creating amazing golf ball striking feelings.
5. It prevents slices and ultimately fixes the slice because the elbow staying tucked prevents the club from swinging over the top in the downswing.
6. It helps keep the lead, left arm straight in the golf swing for crispy, clean contact and improve your golf ball striking.
7. It allows for EFFORTLESS POWER because of the trail arm loading I mentioned earlier.
8. It promotes a proper inward hand path and prevents golfers from lifting their arms – increasing consistency and power and improving golf ball striking.

There are SO MANY MORE BENEFITS in this Ben Hogan golf ball striking tip that I don’t have enough time to list all of them!

Ben Hogan’s Magic Elbow – The Best Golf Ball Striking Tip You Need to Know – Chapters:
0:00 Introduction
0:16 What is the Magic Elbow?
0:56 Here’s the Golf Tip
2:20 Golf Swing Feels
3:37 Downswing Benefits – Slice Fix
4:22 Downswing Benefits – Lag and Power
5:45 More Benefits – Easy Wrist Hinge
6:32 Lesson Notes

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