Yes, she is an athlete; she has been a serious golfer now for 4 years and has over 100 MPH club speed with FULLY OPTIMIZED LAUNCH CONDITIONS OF THE FOLLOWING:
-Angle of attack at +7 degrees
-Spin rate below 2000 RPM
-Launch angle routinely between 15 and 18 degrees
-low side spin
-carries the ball over 260 routinely!

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00:00 Shawn Clement introduces the golf lesson w/ Sav
01:35 Optimzing your driving distance with the proper angle of attack with the driver
03:55 How to attain clubhead speed with the swing caddy w/ Sav
06:00 How Savannah optimizes her driving distance with her club head speed
11:00 Shawn Clement concludes the golf lesson w/ Sav

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